Question about converting a VGA video signal to HDMI



I just got an HDTV and am looking to use my laptop to drive it via one of the TVs HDMI ports. The only video output the laptop has is VGA but it can output a resolution up to, and over, 1080p. I have been searching for a simple VGA to HDMI adapter (something similar to a small in-line VGA to DVI adapter but there doesn’t seem to be something like this available. Am I missing something here about sending a VGA signal to an HDMI connection? I can find converter boxes but I don’t see where a small, simple VGA to HDMI adapter is sold anywhere. Does anyone know where, or if, such a thing exists?


I believe the only way is with a converter box. You’re going from analog to digital and even if you use a converter you won’t have audio and you can’t ouput 1080 through VGA. Is this laptop an older model?


VGA is analog and HDMI is digital thereby requiring a transcoder or other type of conversion device…
Then you can use an HDMI to DVI cable to feed your TV…


I believe you guys are correct. If this was something simple then I should be about to find a million of them for sale doing a Google search. It looks to be something similar to trying to take an RCA S/PDIF output and try getting sound by plugging it into an analog RCA connection. Those converter boxes can get pretty expensive. It looks like I will have to patch together an HTPC after all. The good thing is I have enough old computer parts laying around to do it.