Question about conversion to DVD

so on my computer i have home movies converted and a few downloaded movies people gave me and that i used to download. i was just wondering how i could burn these to a blank CD and watch them on my DVD PLAYER?? Thank you

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yeah. um im getting really frustrated. is there a program where i can convert my downloaded files and my home movie files to get it on a blank CD-R and for it to play on my DVD PLAYER?? thank you

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Power Producer Express or Nero could do this ) avi to cd-r ( vcd ) don’t now about the quality thou a never tried it …
Power producer Express to Dvd gives me excellent results ( vhs to dvd )

If you insist on a CD, VCD format is the way to go. Look for an AVI -> VCD guide on, there are tons of them.

Svcd works on a lot of players too and has much beter quality. The amount that can be held is much smaller though. You can fit a movie on a disk as long as it is not too long with vcd. With svcd it would take 2-3 disks. If the files are smaller though, I would use svcd.

well, what format are you converting from?

VSO’s divxtoDVD can handle most formats I noticed. But there are quite a few others.

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i have avi and divx i want to convert

Read some guides on - all you need is there.