Question about CMC F01@R01

well can rdgrimes or code answer me this? All my scans have been outstanding for all the HP 4x dvd+r (cmcmag f01/00) i have burnt at 4x using the cmcmag r01/00 strat! the pis are always from 12-17 and pos always 2 in all my scans, and thats with simultaneous burning! Now all the burns done on memorex 4x dvd+r, khypermedia 4x dvd+r, and value discs 4x dvd+r, always have a pi of arround 35-50 and po of 2-3(still pretty decent burns though), even though they are the exact same dye!! All of them are cmc mag f01/00(checked all 4 brands), checked revisions, all the same too, all made in taiwan, but when you look at the actuall dye under the disc the HP dye is notably different than the other 3 brands, it actually looks like ricoh dye blueish color not purple like the cmc mag dye, why is this?

I think ill stick with HP from now on since i get them for $60 100 pack.

And dont get me wrong the other brands had a tremendous change also with the r01/00 write strat, but why is HP much better than the rest and the dye different if they are all the same?

thanks in advanced!!! prking

First off:
CMC MAG R01 = 2.4X certified DVD+R
CMC MAG F01 = 4X certified DVD+R

I’ve had much better burns with CMC MAG R01 (HP 2.4X certified brand).
The CMC MAG F01 4X certified discs that I have do not burn nearly as good at 4X or 8X.

all the media brands that i have are cmcmag f01/00 4x, and the dye on the HP 4x media is defferent from the others, its blue not purple!!!

And with the 4x HP i get wonderfull results using the r01?00 strategy!! pi=15 po=2 burnt at 4x.

CMC is an OEM manufacturer, so media from different brands may well have different specs. They make media for MCC, HP, TDK, Memorex and a host of generics. They are not necessarily all the same dye. Likewise, production dyes change over time, so an older batch may not be the same as a newer one. The “CMCF01” designation really only tells you where they are made, and that they are 4x rated. In general, I don’t think CMC is any more variable than Ritek or Ricoh or Prodisc. But when they do a production run with a certain dye type, they may well produce it with any number of different stampers so the ADIP will be different but the dye’s the same. And don’t forget they also use MCC dye too. But that doesn’t mean that all HP’s might use MCC dye, only that one batch might have. Welcome to the wonderfull world of media making. This is why many of us highly recommend sticking with Maxell and TY for DVD-R. Because you know what you’re getting.