Question about CloneDVD and compression

I have a question about the compression of movies with CloneDVD

Take for example if I rip the entire disc of Dodgeball and then I fire up CloneDVD and select COPY DVD TITLES

I then choose my folder where Dodgeball was ripped to and it brings up my title list. If I just check the main title and I do not preserve menus I get 90% on the quality bar.

Now if I click next and go to my sound options and I just keep English 6 channel and subtitles the quality bar is up to 100%

Does that mean that the movie is at 100% quality or just the sound? I have always wondered about this feature and now that I have a 50" HDTV it is becoming more important.


Movie is at 100% quality & sound…

Sound can take a large amount of space on a DVD. If you chop down alot of the different sound options, many times the compression can be removed, or lessened quite a bit.

One other point - sound is always at 100% quality, as transcoders never compress the sound component of your DVD.

Have a similar question I was wondering about.

You copy a DVD using 2nd button CloneDVD, you get rid of the extra soundtracks.
With full disk you get 90%.

Two weeks later you decide I don’t need the full disk, just want the movie with menu.
Can you now rip the copied disk over again selecting the first button and chose movie and preserve menus. Will ClonedDVd now un-compress some of the files to make it 100% since some data was removed. Never tried it, just wondering if someone else has. Not even certain CloneDVD can re-author the files since AnyDVD would not be used, becuase copy protection was already removed.

I know the sound screen is normally always at 100% and that is why I am wondering if I cut out some sound tracks if it reflects the overall compression or just the sound.

I was hoping Olli would chime in on this one.

The quality bar (note: this is not a compression bar, because Quality 100% means no = 0% compression) shows the resulting video quality, of course. Sorry, I thought that would be obvious, as CloneDVD doesn’t compress Audio.
This quality bar shows you, how much video quality you can expect, when deselecting audio/subtitle streams.

CloneDVD won’t “uncompress” anything. It can’t undo the damage done :slight_smile: , because making the video smaller is not lossless, so making it bigger will not bring you back the “lost data”.

Some people complained “CloneDVD does not fill the disc to utilize 4.36 GB”. Well it does this very precisely, unless the source you want to copy is smaller (quality bar at 100%), of course!

AnyDVD will work on non-CSS protected discs as well. Even on discs in Virtual CloneDrive. (e.g., to remove RCE, jump to main title), or on Mini DVDs on CDR.

Thank you Olli, that is what I thought but I wanted to verify it. Much appreciated and keep up the great work!

“CloneDVD won’t “uncompress” anything. It can’t undo the damage done :slight_smile: , because making the video smaller is not lossless, so making it bigger will not bring you back the “lost data”.”

Olli- Thanks for clarifying, I supected that was the case.