Question about CloneCD




I have a question before trying this soft : is Clone CD able to make an image of SafeDisc 4 and is it possible to mount it with alcohol 120% without message saying “Insert CD” because the protection isn’t passed ?

Thanks in advance






Thank you very much.
I will use CloneCD Fan Profiler for the profile for SafeDisc 4.


what is fan profiler? I want to do the same thing as you.



CloneCD Fan Profiler make an automatic profile for CloneCD in function of the protection. You choose the protection type and it creates the profile you can use in CloneCD to make the image.



where can I get this software?


#7 is the site of the program but it’s in Deutsch. I don’t know if there is an English traduction. There is a traduction in French so maybe in English too…


I have seen there is a ccd 5 but the site is at the moment down. Have you maybe this profiler for me? please. maybe I can give you than my email adress



I have the program, the site is back. tankt you for the address. I hope that I can burn the cd now.


lol, it’s hard to read, but i saw “download” so i went there lol.
hopefully this workds :wink: