Question about clone cd!

I am realy a newbies whit this tools! So don’T flame if i ask nuub question…
Ok, i had a game…But my sister used the cd to sharpen his nail or sumthing, but ther wher a heck of scrach! In case i did made a image of my game cd… Now i wanted to play the game, and i noticed that the cd is unredable… I try clone cd damaged data, but it won’t read the scratch are to deep! I tryed burning the image of my game…When the cd was done, it opened the cd reader whit clone cd image fille in it… :confused: Since im noob whit this tool… I don’t know what to do… Help me out plz! :bow: I hope this is not agaisnt the rule posting it, if yes i am sory. I am new to this site and i am not familiar whit all rulle…


b dog

Hi b dog,

To burn a CloneCD image to a playable state you must burn the image with CloneCD only. This will burn it so it plays like a real CD. Now, the important part is that scratch. If the scratch makes that part of the CD unreadable, try setting a profile to reading 1x and Regenerate Data sectors. If that does not work, set to 1x and enable Ignore Bad Sectors. This will make an image regardless of the state of the CD. Burn that image, and see how it goes.

Good Luck!

But my sister used the cd to sharpen his nail