Question about Chapter Jump copy protection

If I rip a DVD to my hard drive that has chapter jump copy protection using a version of AnyDVD prior to the latest version that handles chapter jump copy protection and then upgrade to AnyDVD which handles the chapter jump copy protection, will the movie burn correctly? To ask it another way, do I need AnyDVD to read and write a chapter jump protected movie, or just to write the movie. Just curious. Thanks for all comments.

Good question. You could of course just pull the original you bought off your shelf and re-rip it with … right?

AnyDVD only decrypts during the reading of the movie and has no effect on the movie-data as it is travelling to your burner. Your burn will probably fail or the backup won’t play correctly because the movie on your HDD is already decrypted and did not have chapter jump corrected during that rip. So I assume you have to re-rip it with the new version.

But is it possible to use windows explorer (with running) to copy it from your present folder to a new folder on your HDD, or to a second HDD, and have the chapter jump protection corrected?

I don’t know and maybe nobody else knows either(?) Maybe it has been done but I can’t remember a post about it. You could do a search and see if anyone else did it but I can’t imagine what keywords you could use to get a managable number of seach-hit results. So maybe you should put your Explorer’s Cap on and rig your ship for sea. You are hereby commissioned by the Crown to find us a Northwest Passage!

Try it, backup disks are cheap right? And post back if it works.

Your question would probably have been better and faster answered if you posted it in the “AnyDVD” threads section but then you would be guilty of double-posting. The regulars will hammer you for doing that even though many of them don’t come down to these “general threads” as often.

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Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I might try the experiment you have suggested if the need ever arises. It never hurts to have knowledge prior to the time you actually you need to have it.

:cool: . But if, in reality, you actually do have the movie on your HDD now, try it and post back. cdf members could use the info in the future and you will be immortalized!

If you do do that, please also, out of curiosity, give the name, version (WS,FS, Special Edition etc) and region code & country of the movie.


Okay, well, the movie in Question is Constantine ws edition. I have not yet tried re-ripping the movie. What I would like to know is if its possible to check the success of a copied DVD using your computer DVD instead of the regular TV/DVD combo(simply because its much easier for me to do so at the computer). I’ve read that AnyDVD corrects the chapter jump copy protection on the fly so that an actual ‘flawed’ copy of a movie with chapter jump protection appears to be successful until you go to play it on a regular DVD player. Well, if I close AnyDVD when viewing the ‘flawed’ movie these flaws should then show up when viewing the movie on the computer right? This is simple enough to test myself and I will right now but anyone wants to comment on this please do so.

Constantine has no “chapter jump” protection. Where do you have the idea, that it has? Did AnyDVD say so? If yes, AnyDVD is wrong. Use AnyDVD, it should not report chapter jump.

Its possible it was just a bad copy then. It skips all over near the end of the movie and there are visible gaps on the physical DVD when examined very closely.