Question about CDspeed and TDK cd-rw's

I have used Sony, Acer, and Verbatim CD-R’s to burn data. So, I heard about CD-speed here and gave it a shot. All the tests I did with CD-speed gave me a lot of ‘yellow boxes’. It was very inconsistent though. I would get like half yellow, half green, then sometimes all green and some yellow here and there. None of them were all green. Should I be concerned about this? Is my Cd-burner dying? The burner is like only 3 months old and I don’t even use it as much. Its a Memorex 40MAXX 1248AJ with a bios of ZWS4.

The media I tested was:

Sony CD-R rated at 40X (Utility tells me ‘Sony’ is the manufacturer)
Verbatim CD-R rated at 1-16X (by CMC)
Acer CD-R rated at 16X (by Acer)

All them are 80min 700MB.

Also, I would like to know what company makes TDK CD-RW’s. I ordered some from here:

Hope they are not made by Infodisk since I had initially bought Memorex CD-RW’s made by them and all of them became unreadable (CD-speed gave ‘red boxes’) after the first erase.


In the US, TDK is mostly CMC made :Z , but not always.
If you haven’t read the media FAQ, start there. If you are seeing errors in CDSpeed, you need to lower your burn speed, change media, or both. The 16x media is old, and should not be burned over 16x-24x unless you can demonstrate error-free discs. The Sony 40x is tested in the media test sticky thread, it’s usually pretty good.

oh no, not CMC. Think I am gonna get burnt again. But is pretty good. I called them and told them that the Memorex CD-RW’s were bad and they immediately credited my card and shipped me the TDK’s today. They didn’t even want the Memorex CD-RW’s back. lol. Wonder why ( maybe 'cause they are junk and take up room?).

So, you don’t think by burner is bad? Or that is still a possibility?

Yes, I did read the Media FAQ. NIce job.


I missed the fact you were talking about RW discs. If I’m not mistaken they are tested in the RW test thread.
edit: Yes, they are ritek. Overall they seem pretty good, but I note that they have the very troublesome spike of errors right at the beginning.

k. Thanks. Hopefully I will have better luck. The ones I ordered are 700MB though and they prolly burn at 1-4X.

Just one more thing. Say that the TDK CD-RW’s don’t work out for me. What brand should I go with next? I looked in the CD-RW thread, but it mainly has 650MB CD-RW’s tested. I am looking for a 700MB, 10X-12X, 80min, a 5 or 10pack, good quality CD-RWs.


edit: hmm. Found this:

Never heard of Smart Buy. They any good?

700Mb is very rare. I’m only using UltraSpeed discs, and only a few of those, all 650MB. Let us know how it turns out.

Maybe you can try out some Ricoh 4-10x CDRW discs. They are available in 650 and 700mb. These are good for 12x. Purple packaging, made in japan.

My disc probably went through around 10 quick/full erase cycles.

Thanks, any links on where I can find them? It says only 650MB on their website.

Hi, I work for Ritek, TDK has 2 main suppliers, CMC and Ritek, we do sell CDRW to them too, so you might be getting Ritek product.:wink:

coo. Thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile:

I have some Samsung 10x CD-RW media that I assume are Ritek-made. They have an ATIP that says Plasmon (forgot ATIP code) but Smartburn says Ritek and others say they have Riteks with Plasmon ATIP code. Not many problems on my LTR-52246S (BTW I burn them at 12x) except for a few C2 errors at the beginning on one disc.

BTW, I’ve heard that Verbatim DLP CD-RW media (made by Mitsubishi) is very good. I’ve never used it though.

Hmm, might want to change that opinion on the Samsung Ritek CD-RWs. Just scanned a disc in CD Doctor (don’t know how many erases it went through) and average C1 errors was 101.783. Also about 30000 C2s in CD Speed.

Well, I got my TDK 1-4x 700MB CD-RW’s today. I am trying to figure out what manufacturer it is. Nero info tool, smartburn utility, and cdrinfo come up with ‘unknown manufacturere.’ CD-Docter says the ATIP is: 97:10:00 (-12900). Is that Ritek?

BTW, the CD-rW works great. I found no errors yet after two erases.

I would post the results in the CD-RW thread, but I have nowhere to host the pics. :frowning:

BTW, I’ve heard that Verbatim DLP CD-RW media (made by Mitsubishi) is very good. I’ve never used it though.

Are those 700MB? haven’t found a 700MB verbatim cd-rw yet…

/edit: nevermind. Found em: