Question about Cd-R Scan standard

I know that Good DVD is <280/<4.

But how about Cd ?
Today I update my 1693S FW and burn some CDA to see if LiteOn improves CDR burning quality (cause I used to have some problem burning Cd in my previous thread ), and I got this result (I use 1693S as a burner and use my old Cd-RW 24120B as a scanner).

RiData CD-R 52Xdisc burn@32X, Scan @4X (bloody slow).

I don’t know if this considered good burn cause DVD has far more capacity than Cd, can I use the same standard as DVD (240/4) ?

How fast should I scan the CD, do I have to use the same speed as DVD ?

And how about PI/PIF sum, can I use 8/1 like DVD scanning ?

Thanks :kiss: