Question about cd-r disks

I Have Been Puting Movies On Cds, And Have Been Watching Them On My Dvd Player. The Question I Have Is There Is Only 80 Minutes On A Cd, Is There A Way To Put On A 2 Hour Movie On A 80 Minute Disk. Plus, Is There A Way To Put Movies On A Dvd. I Have Nero Smart Start. Every Time I Use A Blank Dvd It Says It Can Only Use A Cd-r Or A Cd-rw. Hopefully Someone Can Help Me With This. Thank You For Your Time.

Yes. Buy a DVD writer.

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As said c@tbyte, you can’t burn a DVD with a CD burner: you need to buy a DVD burner.

The Burner Says Dvd Multi-recorder On It.

Open the Nero Info Tools and on drive section look to see if, your drive has writing capability of DVD if yes then you can burn your movie in to DVD disc otherwise you have to buy DVD burner to do that.

Is There A Way I Have To Change Something On The Program Like Checking A Certain Thing.

When you select the media in Nero you have to “tell” it that you want to use a DVD.
You can select it at the small window that shows at the top of the Nero Smartstart: options being: CV/DVD. DVD and CD.
If you have CD selected there, the software asks for the CD (r or rw) media, because it is that you “told” it to use and it’s detecting a DVD - so a no valid data media, according to your own declared preferences.

I Have Set The Option To Dvd. Is There A Chance You Could Put A Step By Step Thing On How To Do It, Or Maybr A Website That Has It. Thank You For Your Time


For things like this - the [B]‘search’[/B] function at the top of this page is your friend - try it-eh!

I think you said you had it set for DVD but here is a screen shot and Nero’s help files.

Remember that if the movie you own is copy protected, Nero will not allow you to copy it. For that, you will need additional software. Then, look at the Nero Recode help file.