Question about CD Inserts

Hey guys,
I heard you guys are the best and I only want to deal with the best. My question is that I have a project that I’m working on for a European songwriter/singer. I have the jewel cases, the printer and everything possible except the paper. I don’t know what type of paper I should go with for the inserts but I do know that I don’t need very thick glossy paper. I need glossy paper that has the ability to fold nice and look good when the inserts are in. Please, I am asking for your help Cdfreaks. I will check this thread throughout the night because this job is due on Friday and I need to place an order tonight or latest tomorrow. Thanks guys.

Zeiad Hussein
P.S. When placing an order ask for the cdfreak discount

it depends alot on your type of printer and the inks you will use. but something like the below should be ok