Question about "CD Freaks Offline Help"

I am trying to make a backup of my NFS Carbon DVD. I used the latest version of BurnOut (decided to go with this since it is the only one that has been updated this year… also has a more professional GUI) and it says:
“SafeDisc 3.2-4 (version remove”

So I am using the CD Freaks Offline Help guide, and go to CD (even though this is a DVD… the DVD section is for movies) and then go to the SafeDisc section. I am just trying to make an image and my burner is not on the list of burners that can write weak sectors anyway… so I go to SafeDisc 2/3 For 0 or 1 Sheep Burners. I start Alcohol 120% and go to the Image Making Wizard. The help guide says to choose SafeDisc 2/3 datatype in the bottom left corner. Well, that option is only available when there is a CD in the drive, not a DVD. But my DVD uses SafeDisc. What do I do from here?

For a SafeDisc protected DVD use this guide.