Question about capacitor replacement on the DVP642

I’m replacing the capacitor, and I didn’t think to check which side on the board was positive and negative. So on the circular area where the capacitor fits there’s the diagonal lines on the left side, and the solid space on the right. Which one is which? I’m kinda new at this so I don’t want any problems.

This might help. Welcome to the forum.

or here:

What caused you to replace a cap on your player? Is your player acting up, or just plain dead? I know that this player has problems with the drives dying, but I wasn’t familiar with specific issues with their capacitors. Sorry I can’t help you with your question BTW, though you might be able to find internal photos of the player online, it’s a popular player and I know I’ve seen internal photos posted online before.

It was the blinking red light, wouldn’t power on, drive wouldn’t open, etc. I was told it was the capacitor that was blown and sure enough it was swollen on the top. So now I just need to make sure I get the polarity correct before I screw it up even more.

Doesn’t the swollen cap have +/- on it or is it unreadable? Or is it ceramic?

It does, but I wasn’t paying attention which side the +/- goes, before I took it out. And I don’t wanna put the new cap in backwards.

See if you can find a schematic.

Yea, so far no luck.

Do either of these photos help?

Close. If only I could find a complete shot of the board on the bottom of pic 2…

Give me a few minutes, I’ll go open up my player and take a pic.

I have my player open.

Did you not see that the board is labeled for which way each of the caps are to be put in?

Not sure… there was no + or - symbol. How is yours?

Well there is a circle beneath each cap on the board, one half of the circle has diagonal lines, the other half is blank. Just look at every other cap on the board as they match the position with the circle on the board. Also, if you look at the one very large cap, it shows a ‘+’ on the otherwise blank half of the circle. All you need to do is follow the pattern set by all the other caps on the board though.

Wow. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that in the first place. Thanks a lot though… Much appreciated. :wink:

No problem. Now if only I could make this stupid player less noisy, the drive makes a sort of ‘clicking’ sound about once a second, particularly during the early parts of the discs. Very annoying unless you have the volume loud enough to drown it out.

In case anyone else is reading this and thinking of doing the same capacitor repair to a Philips DVP642 - there’s a description in this thread from last year:

Hi all,

Just in case anyone wanted to see the schematic for the DVP642, among a couple other similar models, I managed to stumble on it at

I’ve got one of these same players in front of me but it blew C306 instead of C316. Unfortunately it also took out U301 with it. I can post a picture if anyone wants to see it. The capacitor didn’t bulge in this case either, it blew the freakin case off and spilled the guts of the cap. Pretty awesome, probably because this isn’t my player :smiley: I’m fixing it for a friend. Assuming it didn’t damage anything else, it should be a pretty easy fix.