Question about CAM modules


I have not found any information so this is why I am asking in here. Depending on what decoder you have (system) sometimes you need to use a CAM module in order to use a smart card in it to view channels.

This depends on what system you are using, what provider (sky digital) and so on.

Anyway, I found some pages and information about this. For example the Dragon CAM can be upgraded if you have the right hardware. This is good.

Now to my question !

Can all CAM modules be upgraded and if I don’t have the tools for that can a Sattelite technichan upgrade it for me ?

Or do I need to get in touch with the channel provider (for example sky digital) and they will upgrade it for me ? Seems strange if you can’t get this service, why throw away a perfect working CAM module (only that the firmware in it is a bit out of date).

I have a Conax CAM and it had a sticker on it, saying it was v3.03 and the website I found where they have CAM’s you could buy, says that the Conax CAM they have is v4.0

It would be nice if you could help me out since I have upgraded the all of the decoders in the SMATV system we have here, but I need to upgrade the CAM modules, if that is possible ? (instead of buying new ones).


Oh as a last question, I read before that Dragon CAM can acceppt SKY digital smart cards. Is that so ? can I then use any decoder I like to view sky or do I need to get a specific sky decoder and a SKY card ?


Are there any other specific sites aimed towards Sattelite stuff (looking for more forum sites like this one).

Sorry, I don’t think i can help, but this is what i know.

CAM modules are basically like PC Card modules - u can slide them out and replace them with another one - provided that the main decoder you are using is able to support the specific CAM module you are going to put in.

As far as I know - CAM modules do not contain very much - from my memory they were only interfaces to smart cards. I’m not sure whether updated firmware would help, except to recognise newer cards perhaps.

The cards only contain decryption keys, and hence I think you need the correct decoder to make use of these keys - so depending on what they encrypted with - your box may not be able to decrypt the channel with the correct CAM and card. Your decoder must support the encryption scheme they used.

As to CAM specifics, I don’t have anything to offer - I’m sorry.

I’m not 100% sure on this - but this is as much as I know - I might even be entirely wrong. I’ve been out of the digital arena for a while - someone correct me if they can!

You can only view SKY/BSkyB with an SKY receiver and appropriate card.

Also further questions about “upgrading CAMs” lead into a grey area, known as illegal zone…

Well no, I am not doing anything illegal. We have Viasat And Canal Digital over here, it is a SMATV network, with decoders that costs something like 700-800 USD per decoder.

I am still going to call the providers up and ask them, but since I read that the “dragon cam” and others could be upgraded I though this would apply to all CAMs.

I have allready upgraded the firmware in the dekoders to be able to accept new card is we get them, they do send them out from time to time. Something do do with new encryption or something.

If you look at say you can see what I mean.

I am not going to get sky, if I do that, it will be with a dekoder and a legal viewing card etc. I am not into that illegal stuff as so many others are. Just interested in the CAM world out there.

Thanks for awnsers anyway.