Question about bwa's

after burning a cd patched with bwa’s i get a problem playing them on other computers.Plays great on mine but when i use them on another computer they dont work,anybody have this problem

Are you playing them off recordable drives?
Pehaps no ATIP hiding utility on other PC’s?

By what do you mean “Don’t Work”? Is there any error messages? BSOD’s? Nothing? Please Insert correct CD?

More information please.

i have a p-4 1.3 dell upstairs and the patch cd just keep spinning.I did get 1 to work but it took about 60 sec to read the disk. On my p-4 3.06 it boots right up( no v drives )

That could be caused by a number of problems. A bad reader in the computer maybe. Try to take the reader drive out of your dell computer and try it in your other computer. If the CD-ROM works, it will probably be hardware or software problems on the other computer. If it doesn’t work, I looks like you have a reader that can’t read SecuROM correctly.

One more thing - does the origial play fine?

unfortunately only a small number of drives can read correctly
a patched disc using the twinpeaks bwa method its just fortunate that your drive can read it. A work round is too make another
raw copy of the disc without any bwa applied and use this disc just for the installation then just use the patched disc to play the game with.
But sometimes a drive will not even take the cd let alone run from
Liteon dvd drives I find to be the best drives to run patched cds from.

that was the qnswer i was looking for