Question about buying DVDFab

Hey I just started using DVDFab and I love it. I have the trial version right now and wanted to buy it but I’m getting a new computer within the next year. If I buy it now am I gonna have to pay for it again to put it on my new computer? Oh also, what is that green arrow next to the audio and subpicture streams? I’m curious because every movie I burn automatically plays with subtitles which I don’t really like

You can transfer it to a new computer as long as you keep the in a safe place where you can copy and paste it to new computer. I forward a copy of the email to a gmail account first because I don’t have an email program set up on the computer that I use Fab on & it is stored off site also save on another computer, a flash drive etc.

Green arrows are the language that yo set in common settings, but sounds like you have your player set to display subtitles or closed caption.

I’m guessing you mean the registration code I keep right? thanks for your help

Yes that is what I mean. The email from Element 5 will have a link that will activate the program automatically, but it only works for 7 days. The key code is an attachment or in the email if you check that your email does not accept attachments. The attachment will open in notepad that is in Windows and the number is real long and almost impossible to type in due to length and combo of characters, so copy and paste is the way to go after the auto activation expires. The key code is designed to make it harder for non legit sites to duplicate it, so make sure that you buy from a legit affiliate such as CDFreaks or Purchases are kept in a database with fengtao software by email address. You can retrieve your key using the email address used to purchased or if email changes you can change it on under support or contact us. Element 5 is the order processor for many SW companies so sign up for a password the first time you order from them allowing you to request a copy of your receipt of any purchases. Also do not purchase extended download, CD, or other options that are services of Element 5. The program will be updated before you receive it, and since down loads are free from fengtao SW that is not needed, this is a generic order form that Element 5 uses because other SW require them to download again.