Question about buying AnyDvd

I just let my 21 day trial come to an end and i want to purchase this product. However, when i click on order, it doesn’t take me anywhere it just disappears. I tried to d/l another trial but it comes back and says my trials expired. If i go to the main site and click on buy now, will i then be able to use it with the license key or will i still get the same message that my trial has expired? I just don’t want to waste $40 by having it not work

If i buy this will i get a separate window that allows me to put in the license key?


No, but this isn’t needed. The license key will be applied by double-clicking it.

thanks alot

get order in before the 20th (?) and you should get a $10 discount using the ‘cdfreaks’ coupon code.

Looks like the “afterdawn” coupon is good for a few more days.