Question about burning

Don’t post here much, but I grt a lot of usefull info from you folks so keep up the good work. I have been using ripit4me, and still do, but I am expecting to run into problems sooner or later. Any other programs out there ? What about commercial ? I am just about ready to buy and forget. Any suggestion? Anydvd ? Seems I have seen pretty good things about it. Thanx in advance. Excuse the spelling!! :slight_smile:

AnyDVD is an excellent commercial program as is DvdFab Platinum. For a freeware alternative, DvdFab HD Decrypter, Dvd Shrink and ImgBurn.

Hi kgd307, yes the freeware alternative gets it done…I’m not sure about AnyDVD but DVDFab Platinum which I am sure of has a 30 day free trial. Try it and see what you think…frankly that’s my main proggy/tool these days…good luck!