Question about burning

G’day all,

This is my first post, so be gentle please :).

I’ve ripped a dvd using DVDFab Decrypter, and now I have two directories titled AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS. My question is how I go about burning these directories so it will work? Do I just burn it using something like Nero Burning ROM (i.e. drag and drop the two directories onto a blank dvd project), or do I need a special program to create the structure of the DVD?

I only have one blank Dual Layer DVD at present (as this is more of a test run than anything else), so I kind’ve don’t have the option of failure.

Thanks in advance.

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Drag and drop the files will probably work, although it’s not the best way of doing it. (normal way is to create an iso file and burn that).

Nero’s fine, Just select the DVD Video as the project.

You might want to shrink it first to DVD-5 size by removing extras & unnecessary languages & then compress. Most movies won’t really suffer too much loss of quality & single layer media is just sooooo much cheaper. DVD Shrink is a good way to go.