Question about burning speed tests in Nero CD/DVD speed

When you guys do your DVD burning speed tests in Nero CD-DVD speed, do you actually burn some useful data on the disc or is that just Nero CD-DVD speed burning some useless data of his own? I mean, you probably can’t run Nero Burning Rom and CD/DVD Speed at the same time burning your own stuff you need and watching the speed graph in CD/DVD Speed, can you?

Here’s the User Guide >

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OK, so now I know you need an image to burn the data you want with CD-DVD Speed. Is there any other way of creating the image from your files you want to burn except for burning it to DVD+RW and creating an image from that disc?

You just need to create .iso image with DVD Shrink,CloneDVD2, etc… on your hard drive.

You have the same question on your previous thread please try not to cross posting.

So it CD-DVD Speed doesn’t work with nero nrg image files? I tried ripping a DVD to nrg in Burning rom , but the CD-DVD speed did not work with that image file. Isn’t that strange, because in the pulldown menu it says it works with nrg files. :disagree: :eek:

No, in the other thread I was asking a different question.