Question about burning RITEK DVD-R as a DATA disk



Do you have to format a DVD-R disc before burning it, or are they like CD-R’s in that you can just start burning to the disc right off the bat?

I burned some RITEK 4X DVD-R’s yesterday; Just as regular data discs. Nothing special.

According to NERO, they all burned successfully, but, when I try to access them using the same drive I burned them on I get a message saying:

“Windows cannot read from this disk. The disk might be corrupted or it could be using a format that is not compatible with windows.”

This is my 1st DVD burner. It’s a LiteOn SOHW-812s, and I installed it last night.

My system:

Windows XP Pro
1.7Ghz Celeron
512mb PC2700 DDR
60GB Maxtor
LiteOn SOHW-812S
Philips 12x8x32


problem is when nero says verified successfull it doesnt always mean it was, first off ive had loads of dvd says they were fine and when i tried to playback certain films on the disc they were fcke basically but that was because the discs were cheap and not compatible, Ritek is a good make though, i suggest you turn off all running apps like antivirus etc then try burning again also a good program to use is nero cd/dvd speed it comes with nero and basically that will tell you of any errors on the disc you have made, if you want to go indepth use a program called k’s probe ask somebody else for the link its some chinese or japanese site i cant remember the name! also try different media although its ritek might be a bad batch and i know all about bad batches with so called good brands!, also you dont have to format dvdr before you use it dvds are the same as cds i that respect.