Question about burning -R on a +R/+RW burner

hi, i have a question about DVD burning; I have a Sony DVD+RW DW P50A with FW 1.8f and nero 6.606 soft. I tried to burn an -R DVD on it and didn’t work, i’ve read a few threads and found out that the 2 are incopatible, my question is this: what is the diference beetven +R/RW and -R/RW media and is there a way to burn -R/RW DVD’s on a + whriter? tks

There are many physical differences between +R/+RW and -R/-RW: see here for a more detailed explanation:

Unless you can find a hacked firmware that enables -R/-RW burning (and I don’t think that one exists for that drive), you will just have to buy some +R/+RW to use on it.

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Thanks for the link, it was really usefull. Say… you mentioned something about a hacked firmware, can you give me more details like where can i find such firmware, not necesarily the one that i need but similar ones…pls.tks again

As I said, there probably isn’t one for your burner that will enable dual writing capability, since it depends whether the drive was manufactured to do so in hardware.

For other hacked firmwares, you could try ‘The Firmware Page’:

This is an older Slimtype PLUS only burner, no chance to crossflash or enable DASH burning…
1.8f is latest firmware.

Update Nero to, use ImgBurn v2 additionally and use good quality media.