Question about burning mp3's on DVD

I’m pretty new to this DVD stuff :wink: as i just got my first DVD Burner ever: Liteon 411S DVD+R/-RW
40X CD Burning & 24 CDR RW

Alright here goes…
Just burned a DVD’RW Disc with 1700MB Mp3’s
and my standalone DVD can read it very well but it can’t play the songs ;/

It’s like when I start the disc it shows the files (MP3) and then it starts from the beginning of the DVD of course

But when playing the file it goes by with ultra speed, a 3min songs is only 2sec and then it moves on to the next and no sound of course since I got some problem for sure!

So a lack of support?! From my standalone DVD player? Although my DVD Player surely can play mp3s as I just tested it with a 700MB CDR (worked with np what so ever)

is it my own fault? Have I done something wrong?! Or could it just be that my DVD player just don’t have the support for playing mp3s from a DVD’RW disc?!

I really don’t want to use my only DVDR right now to test it as it’s the only one i got :[

Thanks 8]

I’m pretty sure that the player has to support DVD MP3 playback, I don’t think it’s your fault.

Hmm why don’t it work then :stuck_out_tongue:
Would be nice with 1700MB’s mp3s on a DVD ;D

So nothing i can do about it i guess ;/

Originally posted by Dragoncity2002
[B]Hmm why don’t it work then :stuck_out_tongue:
Would be nice with 1700MB’s mp3s on a DVD ;D


Yep it would be nice Dragon, but don’t think many players support MP3-DVD, only MP3-CD. I heard that the LiteOn DVD player supports MP3-DVD.

I have a car player than supports MP3-CD … would love one that supports MP3-DVD!! Anyone know if such a beast is available?