Question about burning MDS/MDF Images

Hey guys first off, just want to say thanks for trying to help me out, I appreciate it!

I just got Tayio Yuden DVD+Rs, and I have a Liteon Writer…
Im trying to burn an MDS/MDF Files using Alcohol 120%, I load the images and burn, and it reaches 100% complete with no errors…

I take out the disk and put it back in, and I get nothing… Nothing pops up nothing happens it just looks like its trying to read it and its getting no luck… This is the second type of disks that I used and I always have the same problem where nothing happens…

I went upstairs and left the disk in , and I came back downstairs and I see that my computer poped up and I can actually see the data on the disk… but if I click somthing it just freezes… WHAT AM I DOING WRONG WHY IS THIS DISK NOT WORKING?

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To exclude a software problem, can you try to do the burn with imgburn instead than alcohol?

If also imgburn fails, maybe there is a hardware problem. Be sure that you are not doing a “simulated” burn; if you do a simulation, nothing will be written on the disc.

thanks for the help… where can i find imgburn?

Here’s Imgburn (one mirror) for downloading. :wink: