Question about burning .img with programs other than CloneCD

To my great astonishment, I found that images created with CloneCD can be burned successfully be burned with the aid of a cuesheet and any program that can handle cuesheets!

However, I noticed that the only file listed in the cuesheet is the .img file, excluding the .ccd and .sub files. It is my understanding that the .ccd file is CloneCD’s version of the .cue file, containing information about the CD layout, size, etc. So I don’t really think that this file is too essential.

But doesn’t the .sub file contain important subchannel data that the .img file does not? I thought that some of this subchannel information is actually essential to create a backup of some CD’s, especially with those that contain certain copy protections.

So, what happens to this subchannel data when another program is used to burn just the .img file? Is this data useless? Is it lost? Is it somehow included in the final backup? Thanks in advance.

I tried doing a forum search and none of the results addressed my question. Does anyone out there know?

If you burn from the cue sheet rather than the ccd file the sub-code information will be lost.

Whether or not the copy cd will work will depend upon whether or not the sub-code info was necessary.

For example, if the relevant copy protection is safedisc, the sub-code info is irrelevant. Indeed, for safedisc versions from 2.8x to 3.10, one of the most reliable ways to make a working back-up copy, assuming that you had capable hardware, was to read the disc with CloneCD with cue and then burn from the cue with fireburner.

On the other hand, if the copy protection is an older form of securom or if you’re trying to copy a karaoke cd, the sub-code info is essential and you won’t be able to make a working copy by simply burning from the cue. It will be necessary to burn from the ccd control file with an app that can handle ccd images (obviously CloneCD itself can do so, alcohol can do so too, and possibly CD-DVD Mate can though I can’t be sure as I haven’t used that program for some years).

Thank you for the reply.