Question about burning disks to work on stand alone DVD players

I’ve been using NTI DVD Maker to burn video content which I have formated as .VOB files using a separate DVD authoring program. This includes having the .IFO and .BUP files inside a folder named VIDEO_TS.

These will play on my computer DVD player just like a regular DVD but when I burn them to a DVD disk using the data mode option in my software they will not play in my stand alone DVD player. It just gives a disk unrecognized error message.

I noticed the software had an option called “DVD Video” and when I record using that option the disks will play in the stand alone player fine.

Now, there’s not any problem since I know what to do now I’ll just always use the DVD Video option in the future. I’m curious as to what exactly the difference is though that makes the disk playable using the DVD Video option and not as a data mode disk. The file structure appears identical either way. I’ve spend about two hours searching Google and reading various things but I can’t find anything that even addresses this issue. Anyone know what’s going on?

Could be some form of magic! Why it will only play on your DVD player if you select DVD Video mode and not when you burn it in Data mode. Just keep burning it in DVD Video mode and it will play OK :slight_smile:

Try to use another wring program (Nero Burning ROM) to see how that would do .