Question about burn quality

Hello, i burnt this media on maximum speed using my lg GSA20LS10 FL01 drive on maximum speed but scanned the disk with my new liteon IHAS422 !
What do you think guys, is this a good burn ??

General Information
Drive: ATAPI iHAS422 8
Firmware: 4L11
Disc: DVD+R DL (MKM 001)
Selected speed: Maximum
PI errors
Maximum: 151
Average: 36.82
Total: 1047395
PI failures
Maximum: 4
Average: 0.01
Total: 1595
PO failures: n/a
Jitter: n/a
Scanning Statistics
Elapsed time: 11:15
Number of samples: 212342
Average scanning interval: 1.07 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

anyone ?

Not terrible but not great either.

Next time I suggest you post a screenshot of the scan instead of just the numbers.

Performing a Read Transfer Test on the Benchmark tab in CDSpeed also provides useful information of the burn/disc quality.

how to take snashots and post them here ! ?
Any free hosting places ??

[B]How To:[/B] Attach disc quality scans to your post

woohoo !!! thanks !
i will do the scan again at 8x and post the screenshot !

here you go !
Another scan of a 18x burned SONY D21 disc by my lg GH20LS10 FL01 sata burner and scanned on my brand new LITEON IHAS422 4L11 burner !

here is another scan of a 10 years old verbatim disk burned in 1999 with my first burner ( dot remember the exact model but it was an mitsumi 4/2/24 burner)
Look how incredible the quality is !

An intresting point is that if i talk to my cell phone near the IHAS422 burner while its scanning , i got instant error message or some VERY high spikes on the graph !
The Lg drive is completly imune to the cell phone, but this brand new liteon completly stops scaning or even reading when my cell phone in near its tray !
Sometime its even freezing the drive completly needing to reboot the computer to make it work again !