Question about Booktypes

Hi all, I’m planning to get a new DVD writer and I am wondering if I can reverse my backup’s from DVD+R back to DVD-ROM just the way it was from it’s original disc using the booktype options within DVD Decrypter?


nope. can’t be done retroactively.

booktype has to be set when you burn.

only option would be to reburn all of those backups with the booktype set to dvd-rom

Thanks for the fast reply… so if I extract the backup’s which are now as DVD+R to an ISO image and burn that ISO image with the booktype set to DVD-ROM would get the job done correctly?

yup-o! that’ll fix it.

also, for future reference, DVD-R are way more compatible with a variety of standalones than +R so if your current burner doesn’t allow for booktyping then I’d recommend using -R discs until you get your new burner with teh ability to booktype.

Yes, thanks for your help!

no problem :slight_smile: