Question about Book Type

I am using Liteon 451s@832s (Firmware : VS0B), using
Omnipatcher to apply the auto-bitsetting to the Firmware,
I am using Nero to burn data files to a DVD +R disk and select
close the CD Session, I found that the book type of the burned
DVD +R has been set to DVD-ROM successfully. However,
when I using Nero to backup a PS2 Game Disk (i.e. DVD Copy),
I found that the book type of the burned DVD +R was no change,
remained as DVD +R, is it normal or not ? Thanks for any comments.

P.S. Sorry for my poor english.

Nero has been known to override the auto bitsetting. What version of Nero are you using?

What utility are you useing to check/set the booktype? if you use the liteon tool it will still read as +R as it only reports the disc type not the booktype setting use dvdinfopro or kprobe to set/check bittsetting.

Also cheap +R`s like ice whites or infiniti dont burn very well and when i tried these with booktype set to dvdrom my 811s couldent even read them.

When i was having problems with bittsetting i thought nero was causing my discs to remain +Rs, so i installed and got better +Rs and bittsetting worked, i have now gone back to and bittsitting works fine.

The Nero version is and I was using DVD Info Pro to check the booktype.

You means that using older version of Nero can solve the problem ??

You means that using older version of Nero can solve the problem ??

If you use a version or less, these versions should not affect your bittsetting.
Thats what i did but now i`am using without any probs.

What media are you using? as that was my mane problem.

@star-rain if your still unsure read the thread i started to help me.

so that means that there should be no problem with bitsetting if i use of nero, and with using omnipatcher with auto bitset should be no problems.

No, you need to use v6.3.1.20 and auto bitsetting.

oh ok thanks for clearing that up i guess i go ugrade this

Thanks to everyone, I will try to use the new version of Nero ( and hope that the problem can be solved.

The problem still occur after I use the Nero, however, when I try to use another burning softare (NTI) and found that, the bitsetting is WORK !!!
Can anyone tell me if there are any options should be set in Nero in order to activate the bitsetting, since I cannot find any options related to bitsetting in Nero …

Use KProbe or DVDInfoPro to check the book type. :wink:

In KProbe, click in on “Info” > “DiscInfo”…

BTW, I hope you removed your old Nero completely. If not, use Nero CleanTools and reinstall latest version. :cool: