Question about Blindwrite 5 and Plextor burner

Heya everybody,

most of you will know me from the Blindwrite comics and I got a little question about Blindwrite. I have tested version 5 I think about 1 year ago and it was not working for me. I know wanted to test it again but it still doesn’t work! :a :a :disagree: :frowning:

I had problems with reading cds from my Plextor SCSI writer. But it worked perfectly in Blindwrite 4.5.7 for example… and in all other previous versions.

Plextor PX-W1210S SCSI CDRom

The problem with reading from the drive is that the drive just doesn’t read anything. When you click to start reading the progress stops and it just doesn’t work. Then the CD is ejected …
Why does that happen in Blindwrite 5? I’m using Patin-couffin or Aspi - both doesn’t work… It works with other drives just like an old Pioneer DVD 106 Slot-In drive… but the Plextor doesn’t work.


yes I understand the frustration, but we don’t have anymore SCSI drive plugged

Do you mean, there’s no SCSI support anymore or that you don’t have a SCSI burner at the moment to check the problems Alex is having?

Yeah I want to ask exactly the same as Namoh… is there generally no SCSI support in Blindwrite or is it just the problem that you don’t have a SCSI drive to test it?

Of course I just can’t believe it that a software like Blindwrite has no SCSI support so it must be a joke :iagree: :iagree: … and a real good one :clap: :clap:

Just wanted to ask again what’s the problem with the SCSI Plextor drive?
@Lapinou - Could you please tell me the problem? Is there no support for SCSI or do you plan to implement it in future versions?

I think the support for SCSI is broken, and we don’t have schedule to fix it , sorry…

That’s not good, not at all.

No SCSI-support… :a :a :a

Well… that’s too much bad news for a day… week… year… decade!

I don’t get the point :confused: …that’s not professional! Sorry guys but that’s really not good for such a program.

I’ll sure create some new comics because of that…

…well and I’ll sure not use Blindwrite anymore because I always use SCSI… :doh: … well and then I ask myself why should I create comics for a program that I don’t use anymore…

We can always change the name to a SCSI supporting software! :iagree:

We could sure do that… but I think that would have nothing more to do in the Blindwrite forum then :disagree: :cool:

Indeed. :iagree: