Question about Bitsetting

Hi guys,

I have backup some movies with DVD+R media. I have not change Bitsetting for these media and now I read about benefits to change this setting to have better compatibility with older DVD Playback.

I have never experienced playback problems with my own DVD player in the past but I’m not sure if it’s better to change this setting or not.

What did you recommend for bitsetting? DVD-ROM or DVD+R

Bitsetting to DVD-ROM never hurts. It can only increase compatibility.

Totally agree. :iagree:


I have checked lot of CD/DVD scans posted by other users and 95% of these scanned are with original bitsetting (I always see DVD-R or DVD+R in DVD type field).

If changing this setting have only positive effects why others user don’t do it???

In the scans you’ve looked at you’ll only ever see DVD-R or DVD+R because that screen doesn’t show the booktype , only the disc type.

I can assure you that the vast majority who know about booktyping and have a burner with that capability will booktype DVD+R/DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM.

Thanks for took time to respond!