Question about Binflash



Hello all,
i first do a search, but couldn’t find an Answer.

The NEC is my 2nd DVD-RW, with my 1st DVD-RW (LiteOn LDW411s) it was necessary to uninstall any PaketWritingSoftware before flashing the Drive.

So i want to know if it necessary to, to uninstall/deactivate PaketWritingSoftware (InCD) before Flashing my NEc3500Ag with NecWinFlash1.11 (binflash Win32 Gui v1.11)?


Seems it’s always recommended to uninstall Packet Writing Software before flashing any DVD writer, since it can prevent the good detection and flashing of your drive.

However you can first try a scan of your configuration with binflash, to see if it detects the drive while InCd is running.


Thanks for the fast Answer.

On my LiteOn the Flashing-Software regonize the Drive correct (with InCD),
but the say uninstall InCD to prevent missflashing to the drive.


I have INCD v4305 installed and have flashed my 3520A many times from within winXP using the NECWinFlash program and have experienced no problems of any kind.


Same here. I’ve flashed my 3500 at least 20 times without uninstalling InCD.



Thanks for the Answers.

Is there anybody out there who can add this to the NEC-FAQ?