Question about binflash and NEC nd-3450a

Ive just foudn this forum and have been reading alot of the posts on how to get an NEC to change the single layer book type to DVD-ROM. I’ll be getting my NEC ND-3450a soon and I was wondering if Binflash can do this. I don’t care about changing the burn speeds anything but I was wondering if Binflash alone can change the booktype or do I need to find a firmware that supports DVD-ROM bitsettings. If a new firmware is needed can I use the Maddog 2.F9 firmware for the 3500AG? Im kind of a newb at this but any help is appreciated. Thanks

ok further reading answered my question. Anyone know if i should use Liggy’s NEC drive converter to change the drive to 3500 BEFORE i flash a 3500A firmware?

Shouldn’t matter if you change it before or after flashing. But I think I didn’t have any positive reports about converting 3450 drives to 3500.

So my plan when i get my burner today is to use your Binflash software and flash it with your 2.1a bitsetting firmware (orig) then use binflash to set the book type. sound about right? If i backup my firmware and somehow this doesnt work its not going to prevent me from reinstalling my old firmware right? thanks for your help