Question about BIG file splits



Ok everybody. I have a small bit of a dilemma. I downloaded
a movie out of the newsgroup a few nights ago. I began to do the long process what to keep and what to chunk out the window. The problem that I have is that the damn movie files
are 775mb and 770mb. Whoever did the rip did an excellent job,
but how in heck am I supposed to burn 775/770 to cd’s?? and the 90 minute blanks arent available where I live yet.
I was wondering if any one of the kind souls that habitat this board know of a program that splits mpgs in half but leaves the files in mpg format instead of changing them to something I dont want. Will a avi conversion shrink this or am I just hosed on this.


This is very easy and takes only a couple of minutes…

You have to use TMPGEnc12 or similar to this.

Go to files…Mpeg tools

Now click on the tab “Join”, select MPEG-1,MPEG-2, or whatever you’re dealing with. Now click “Add” and select your file.

Now double-click on the filename that you put on list. Here put in the Start and End point. Then click all the OK’s and wait a minute for it to recreate the file.


Thx Ill try this.



That worked. I now have the Wizard of Oz movie part 1 split so it will fit on to cd’s. Thanks and have a great weekend.


And where is this TMPGEnc12 on tha net? Can’t find it…pls help!


believe it or not I think the url is
It did what I needed it to do, which was bust a few files down.


I know where to get the full version, but can’t post it on here, sorry! Just try searching for “VCD Galaxy ComboPack”. It’ll turn up. Or just give me your e-mail and I could send you the URL via E-Mail.


My email is

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I found out this is a awesome program, I dont why I nver found it before. I now have the wizard of oz on 3 cd’s. I could break it only to 30 minute chunks, but each is about 300 to 400megs and burnt it to a vcd format


The most easy way to split movies is to use NanDub!! (of VirtualDub)
It’s very easy, you just select a part of the movie (remember the counter) and delete it. The save the part that’s left. Then reopen the movie and do the same thing with the other part so you can now save the part you deleted the 1st time!
There’s a HOWTO in dutch which you can read here!


I couldnt do i that way, you know delete part of it, I had to split it so it would fit on a cd, the first part of the movie was 775megs, the 2ns was 750…


By the way Wookie is there a english translation for this since I dont speak Dutch


Originally posted by cloakdoa
I couldnt do i that way, you know delete part of it, I had to split it so it would fit on a cd, the first part of the movie was 775megs, the 2ns was 750…

You could try joining the 2 files, then cut off the movie-endings and pray the total file is <1400MB! :wink: Then you could cut the whole file in 2 and burn. Otherwise you’ll maybe can resample the audio so it gets a less quality, what saves space. :rolleyes:

Don’t know a english translation of that tuto anywhere. MayB if you ask the owner of the site, G@M3FR3@K (admin@CDfreaks), if he could make a translation of it, if not then I’ll make a quick translation of it but plz ask him 1st; me having not much time coming week! :stuck_out_tongue: