Question about BenQ DVD media


This is my first post here :slight_smile:

I’m basically trying to get some info on BenQ 4x DVD+R. I have a LG GSA-4160B and have already burned my first 50 DVD flawlessly (they were BenQ 8x DVD+R that I got during boxing day for 18$ CDN, awesome deal). I am asking about the 4x because I found a really good deal on them at Future Shop, pricing a 200 pack for only 69.99$ CDN. I believe this would be a good price for them.

If anyone has a warning against that type of media, or knows where I could get better media for a good price, please let me know.



Would seem to me that you may not be happy with two hundred discs that are essentially going to burn at 1/2 the speed of your previous discs - with older technology - at $35 CDN per 100 (Isn’t that great a deal) when you can get some 8x Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Maxell for about the same price - eh?



Could you help me find stores that carry (good quality) 100 packs for ~35$ CDN? The stores I know (Future Shop & BestBuy) all have stupid exorbitant prices on DVD±R media. Most of the time it’s about 35$ for a 50 pack, and they’re mostly Memorex or some other no-name crap like that.


Where are you located?

If you are in the Greater Vancouver area, you can pick up a 100 pack of the much talk about TY “Value” DVD-R(TYG01 or TYG02, depends on your luck) for CDN36.88 at outlets.

I’m actually located right next to Ottawa (city called Gatineau, in the province of Québec). Vancouver happens to be a bit too far :slight_smile:

what about this one?

Sadly, they do not have a store near me… Anyone else know a good store?
both of em have stores in your city i checked :slight_smile:

If you can wait until this Saturday, your best bet would be to go to in Ottawa (bells corners specifically), and get 100 4X Taiyo Yuden DVD-Rs for $34. It’s part of their “garage sale”.

Oh yeah, I forgot to add, that a) these are real TY, i’ve seen them, and b) RBC is probably the best computer store in Ottawa. :iagree:

No 8x media? :\

I’ve actually been to Staples this morning and all they had that was worth spending money on (read: other than their crappy home brand) were some Verbatim 50 packs for about 50$ CDN. Total rip off, and I think they were 4x too.

I checked Future Shop as well - only online though, so far - and I could only find some brands that aren’t that well regarded in these forums. I believe what I would want would be either TY or Verbatim, if possible 8x…

Where do you guys live to get such good deals (which are apparently your every prices?) on DVD±R media?