Question about backup?

can we backup our dvd movie with full screen?


Oh, shit. Were you looking for a HELPFUL ANSWER?


How about…


hey how do we do that?


I guess you simply want to backup a DVD to watch it later on TV using a standalone DVD player. Backing up a movie is nowadays very easy, althrough are there some things you have to consider.

[li] the copy protection (CSS, Sony ARccOS, Macrovision …)
[/li][li] length of the movie --> resulting quality (unless you won’t copy the movie onto a DL disc)

There are a few programms out which could handle the protections and compress the movie to 4.4 gb in a good quality. The most popular are AnyDVD (runs in background and removes the protections) and CloneDVD2 (to copy and compress the movie in one step) but there are also some freeware progs which can do the same job. If you like to use some freeware proggies, then you can use DVDFab Decrypter to remove the protections and to copy the movie to your HD and DVD Shrink to compress the movie.

You can find some DVD Shrink guides in our Guides and Tutorials subforum

I was, gently, in a sarcastic kind of way, “encouraging” you to ask a better question, because the one you asked was … vague, with poor wording.

Please tell us what you’re trying to actually accomplish.

I think it sounds like a case of “Can we turn a widescreen DVD fullscreen?”

Short answer, no and who would want to do that, long answer, yes but it would be a huge waste of your time.


I thought Gurm was guessing the posters age.LOL

Probably not to far off the mark looking at some of the questions posted in the Newbie forum. :eek: :slight_smile:


P.S. OT, What percent of Noobs do a search before asking a question?
A: 10%, B: 25% C: 50% D: 75% E:95% F: 2%

I say F IMO.

BTW going from 16:9 to 4:3 can be done and if you are intent on doing the rather involved process of cropping etc., then by all means do a search for the answer. It is here, as 95% of all questions asked in the Newbie forum have been asked before. They are all here.

Sorry for the rant.

Not age but IQ of the ones who continue to flame and be sarcastic to Noobs asking a legitamate question. Yes there has been a rash of Noobs not bothering to read before a post, but it sure would be nice to see some folks be a little more considerate of other peoples feelings and do what this forum is meant to do. Which is HELP one another if you have forgotten. Some also seem to forget that we we’re all there at one time, so grow up and show your fellow freaks a little care and concern. The world could be a better place if all of us could do this. Welcome to the forum andriana. Just follow H3B3i’s advice and I’m sure you’ll find what your looking for. Sorry for the other sarcastic reply’s from some of the other members. We’re not all that rude. :iagree:

thank you sportfish. i really appreciated that.