Question about backing up movies

Do you need a DVD ROM drive to make a backup copy of a DVD movie?? I just ordered an NEC 3500 from Newegg and want to make backup copies of my kids movies. My PC does not have a DVD ROM drive in it. How do I make backup copies if I only have the NEC 3500?? Thanks in advance!!

you will have to rip (copy) the movie to your hard drive first, then you can burn from your hard drive to your recorder. dvddecrypter is the best option for ripping your movies.btw you will need a fair amount of free space on your hard drive (between 5-15 gigabytes depending on the method) to do this. also if your discs are dual layer (over 8gb of storage) you will have to “shrink” the resulting movie to fit on a single layer disc. browse the transcoding forum - there is advice and tutorials on the differnt methods and software you are going to need.

To answer your initial question: No, you don’t need a DVD-ROM drive to backup DVD video discs. jimmybob explained the recommended method in detail. I just want to add that if you are going to use the NEC 3500 for ripping, you might want to flash your drive with modified firmware that removes the so called “riplock” of the drive (check out the NEC forums in the Recording Hardware section for details). Riplock means that the stock firmware won’t allow you to rip (=copy to disk) copy protected DVD video discs faster than 2x speed. So unless you want to wait ages for the ripping process to finish, download and flash your drive with modified firmware by Herrie or TDB first.

All…thanks for the information! Would it be easier to just get a DVD ROM drive to make my back-ups? Or is it better to just to rip?

Hey mate try a program called dvd shrink, great for backing up movies onto your hard drive

Your choice of ripping program would determine whether a DVD-ROM really makes sense.

If you use DVD Decrypter or something similar, you will have to rip to the hard drive anyway, so on the fly copying with a DVD-ROM wouldn’t really make your life any easier. The exception would be if you want to avoid using modded firmware and want to rip faster than the riplock on your NEC will allow. Then you could buy a Lite-On DVD-ROM or something similar which has no built-in riplock.

The other major choice to kill CSS/Macrovision protection is AnyDVD. This method is preferred by some people because it is basically seamless. AnyDVD loads in the background and when another program tries to access an original DVD, the files will be stripped of their protection. The negative is that AnyDVD costs around $40-50 USD and you would need a separate DVD-ROM to really take advantage of the benefit. Otherwise, you would be switching discs anyway, so why waste $40 when DVD Decrypter is freeware.

Thanks for the information about DVD Decrypter…a friend of mine at work also recommend this. Just downloaded it. Hopefully, I get the NEC 3500 this week. Now off to figure out the hacked firmware :slight_smile:

i just uswed herries 2.17 firmware and it flashed very very easily and it reconized drive as nec 3500ag. i was a little scared since this was my first hacked firmware but it was almost too easy. works great

I always recommend getting a DVD-ROM drive. They are so cheap now, that it wouldn’t cost you anything to get one. That and it puts less wear and tear on your burner.


I totally agree with Jesterrace about the DVD-rom-

I got a Sony 1612 for $25 delivered to my door - makes life SO much easier!!!

Happy Burnin’


BTW - you gonna love that 3500 - got my second one today - I am a happy camper burnin my TY’s at 12x using any DVD and interVideo-