Question about avatars

I basically want to know which tool one would recommend for building a nice avatar for myself. I need just a simple tool so what should I use? BTW what size and format is an avatar allowed to have?


a search on ‘avatar’ might have yielded in the results you were after (and thus could have saved you time).

Animated avatars can be created for example by Gif Animator and some other programs. Static pictures can be created with Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop or any other imaging program.

The maximum size allowed for avatars on this forum is:
Filesize: 25480 bytes
Dimensions: 64 x 64 pixels

Concerning the size I know I could have downloaded one avatar - like yours - and looked at the size…too lazy for that :confused:

i tried searching for “avatar size upload” as I thought I could use information on how big ones one could upload as well AND as I used no ANDs or ORs between my keywords I thought I was searching for any of these 3 words…

…my mistake I now tried searching for "avatar " and your right - same thing asked severall times :bow: :cop:

Originally posted by ovi
your right - same thing asked severall times :bow: :cop:

The thing is, I usually am right, especially when it comes to the search on this forum :bigsmile:

Now show us your creativity and create a stunning avatar to impress us all :wink: