Question about AutoPlay and Pcatip.sys

I know pcatip.sys is the Autoplay driver. :slight_smile:

I’m wondering…
Instead of uninstalling it to disable Autoplay…

What about renaming the file, and rebooting?
Would this temporarily disable AutoPlay?

If so, then to re-enable it would be simple.
Rename it back to pcatip.sys and reboot

I haven’t tried this, but have considered it for a while…

Thoughts anyone?


Renaming the file will disable the Autoplay, but as you noted a reboot is required.

Awesome Portmac

This will save the trouble of un-installing and re-installing AP.

I can make 2 batch files, one for disable, one for enable, that will rename the file accordingly and initiate a reboot.

I should have mentioned in my previous post that it is NOT recommended to just rename the file.
The prefered method would be to uninstall it and reboot.


Will the O/S flag a ‘missing file’ on bootup at me?
I can work around that…
PC tech admin for 15+ years :slight_smile:

Please explain, I’m used to renaming stuff instead of uninstalling…
Pain in the arse to install and uninstall certain things over and over :wink:

I would bet there are a few things in the Registry that deal with Autoplay, that nobody wants to talk about, but need to be uninstalled. If they told us, then they would be telling the folks at macrovision how to get around Autoplay, which wouldnt be good for us. Of course this is all a wild guess, but sounds logical anyway. This would explain the Strong Hint to Uninstall instead of Rename… and the fact that you didnt get an answer to your request.

Try doing it and you might find that your cdroms/burners will disapear after reboot. I could have reinstalled the ide drivers but didn’t bother and just replaced the driver back. This will happen for the NForce 2 chipset.