Question about Audio extr. quality option..?

Hi. I have been using CloneCD 4 for awhile and I’m pretty well aware how those different read/write settings affect. However, that option which is used to determine the audio extraction quality (under audio read settings) is a complete mystery to me. Since it’s audio read setting, I presume it affects only when burning cds containing audio tracks (e.g. mixed-mode or normal audio cd), but what exactly does it do? What’s the difference between best and bad option? Can this setting even affect to sound quality of those audio tracks? The help that pops up when right clicking this option does not explain anything. I also noticed that the default setting in version was medium (fast) but in the latest version the default is bad (fastest). I would really appreciate it if someone can clear me up a bit with this. Thank you.

This audio quality setting just overrides the read speed setting, and has nothing do do with the actually resulting quality (which depends only on the used drive. By example, the UltraPlex 40max reads always perfectly, so you can safely select the “bad” option, which lets you archive the full speed.
So the setting is completely unnecessary (just my opinion).
Selecting the reading speed directly would do the same.

The logic behind that whole thing is probably, that drives normally read better when using a lower reading speed …