Question about Asus dvd-rom e616p2



Hi friends, i have one Asus E616P2 dvd-rom who i use to duplicate dvd-r (mostly burned on verbatim media - all video dvd).
Details :
Windows XP SP2 - Asus E616P2 on Primary Slave - Pio 111 DVR-111D on Secondary Master - Nero Enterprise (Always using speeds of 4x or 6x on Nero)

Problem :
Some weeks ago, nero starts to give me read errors at diferents LBA sectors.
First i think the problem was the media, but i have this other dvd-roms (2x asus e616a2 - 1x pioneer dvd-120 - 1x sony liteon oem ddu1612) and the media who give me errors on the drive in question, works perfectly with the same copy mode (copy on the fly on nero) in this other drives.

I Think the problem is with the unit, and the Question is :
There`s some way to can test the drive, to decide if i put this on the “recycle bin” and buy a new one?.
The unit is with the latest Firmware available.

Thanks a lot and sorry for my pourrrr english :slight_smile: