Question about ASPI

When I run my info tool, my ASPI info says not installed with a yellow bar across the bottom. When I click on the drop box, I have the option to select Nero ASPI and when I do, the bar at the bottom turns green meaning “good” right? Well once I close the info then run it again, its back at “SYSTEM ASPI” not installed…
First of all , what the hell is ASPI for? Secondly, why won’t the “NERO ASPI” stay set once selected?



@ Bastardo
Your ASPI layer helps communication between your burning programs and your optical drives. It was designed for older systems and is no longer native to WXP or W2K. They now use STPI. It is possible to have an ASPI layer in WXP and W2K . Usually installed by burning software, they sometimes can cause conflicts. That is why many recommend v4.60 if you are having problems as it usually is the most stable and compatible version available. Nero supplies its own ASPI layer, different from the ‘system ASPI’ so that is what you are seeing. That layer only comes into play when you are using Nero. You can read more here.

please gave a clear answer to your first question, so I’ll answer the second one. :wink:

Nero InfoTool does not select the ASPI layer. When you choose an ASPI layer in the drop box, the program simply gives you informations about it. If you restart the program, it displays by default the first one. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the quick reply guys! Most helpful.

So if you have Nero ASPI you don’t need ASPI 4.60? If you do have the two of them in the system can that cause a copy issue (error)? Also if it is not needed how does one unistall it? I have Win XP at first all I had was Nero ASPI and I downloaded ASPI 4.60.


I have STPI, Nero ASPI, ASPI 4.71.2, and my system works like a charm.

Most of my software are set to use my ASPI 4.71, and they run great!!!

If you want to get rid of your ASPI then get ASPI killer!!

@ tom2254
You don’t need to install an ASPI for Nero as Nero installs its own.
Sometimes ASPI layers can cause errors, but sometimes NOT having an ASPI layer causes errors. Some ASPI layer versions cause more problems than others…clear?:).

The bottom line is: everybody’s system is different…if your CD-DVD subsystem is working, don’t mess with it.

You can read more here .

It’s not working as far as getting sound. I can get system sound but no cd or dvd sound from speakers or headset jack on dvd player. Someone told me to try the ASPI which I did now I get sound from cds only from speaker not jack or dvds. Next I got an error when I went to back up my movie Forgotten had to use Shrink. I now beleive it has nothing to with ASPI I did a test I was able to go back and make another back up of a movie I did before so adding the ASPI did not do any damage to CLONEDVD as I thought it may have. At this time I not going to go nuts with the sound on my system as I don’t watch DVDs on it I have a portable.