Question about Ascent DVD+R

well, i bought these blank dvds and i used the search function on this site and didn’t find any threads pertaining to this brand of blank media, so this is my question:

On the dvds and on the case label, it says dvd+r but right beside both there’s this symbol that says RW and right underneath it says DVD+R. On the Operating Instructions for my Pioneer DVR-110D there’s 2 RW symbols, one that says DVD+ReWritable underneath and the other says DVD+R DL underneath. What in the heck does this all mean? if these aren’t rewritable dvds, why is this symbol on them? :confused: :confused: :confused:

PS: sorry if this sounds like a newbie question, but you can see whay i’m a bit confused. i bought these thinking they were rewritable… i guess i’ll have to be more wary in the future. :doh:

The ‘RW’ symbol is on all +R media, just ignore it :p. It’s +R media, not +RW. +RW media uses a ‘+R’ symbol (that last part was a joke).

RW is the logo of the “RW Alliance”. It’s called that because DVD+RW was invented before DVD+R.