Question about Any DVD

Hi, new here and have a question about Any DVD - I may be getting a neew computer and will need to get my registration information from Any DVD to transfer to new computer. Does anyone know how to get the key code? I looked but could not find it… Thanks in advance.


It could also be HKEY_CURRENT_USER instead of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

Export this registry to a file and run it on your new computer.

There must be a “Key” entry on the right side.

The FAQ says you should have kept your registration file Key.ANYDVD.
They also indicate it’s a major work effort for them to create a new registration key to replace a lost one.

If you saved the email after your purchase it has all the info (& key file) as an attachment

and does it not tell you to back your key up to a floppy/cd :iagree:

Hi all,

Here is the email I received from Slysoft in June 2005, it does state to backup the keys to CD/Floppy. Maybe they did not do this a while ago but they have done so at least since then;

SlySoft order number: Deleted

Dear Mr. Deleted,

Thank you for your purchase at

This e-mail contains important registration information. Therefore we
recommend that you make a backup of this e-mail.

You will find your license key(s) attached to this e-mail. Some e-mail
programs and internet providers do not allow attachments. In this case
please use the following links to download the license key(s):

1 x Bundle Package:

Please note: We recommend making a backup of this file(s) as the URLs are
valid for 7 days only.

How to unlock a product using a license key:

To activate a licence, please save the keyfile to your harddisk (to your
desktop for example) and double-click it. The demo version of the product
you purchased must have been installed previously. After a restart, your
product is unlocked and registered to you.

Please make a safety backup of your license keyfile(s) on a floppy disk or
CD and keep it in a safe place. In case that your system has to be
rebuilt, you will be able to unlock the software again with this file(s).
We cannot replace your license key in case you lost it!

If you have any questions, please reply to this e-mail or contact our
support team at

Your SlySoft Team

Note; for those that have lost your keys somehow Slysoft may make exceptions if you provide them with copies of of your original purchase/activation email communications. Please try to be respactful in your communications and you hopefully will get good results.