Question About Acting Agencies in NYC



You all seem so cool in helping I figured you guys can help in this matter as well. :slight_smile:

Question About Acting Agencies in NYC…

I have been searching HIGH AND LOW for a good accurate one! All the ones I have found are rip offs and they aren’t real! I was wondering if you guys know of any real good ones in NYC or NJ because I live in NJ. I am looking for roles and small parts in a movie, TV commercials, a character in a play or Broadway play. That would be awesome to make my debut.
Thanks guys! You can PM me the info if you like.


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You should try asking this question at the forum or something of the like.


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Perhaps you could try asking SAG (Screen Actors Guild) about serious agencys.

360 Madison Avenue 12th Floor
New York, New York 10017

Phone: (212) 944-1030


WOW, thanx so much. I will give them a call and let you guys know what they say. :slight_smile: