Question about a multisession disk

I am trying to move away from using packetwriting software and moving to using multisession on cdrws. Using Nero, version 5.5.10. When I write the first session and exit, it will ask me if I want to save the changes to ISO1. I save it as Setup Files. When I access the disk again to continue writing, it gives me a choice of Session 01 with track 01, Session 02 with track 02 and session 03 with track 03. This is after doing 3 writing sessions on the disk. After the first one, when I accessed the disk for the second session, I choose the first track. It was showing that the disk had about 188 megs of data on it. When I started the 3rd session, I choose the 2nd track. Now it shows that there is just about 10 megs of data on it. When I go into “my computer” and click on the writer, all of my data is there for me to access, but it is still only showing that there is 10 megs of data there. Am I doing this right? I am using XP Pro with a Phillips PCRW 804 writer. I tried to access the help files for Nero, but for some reason, they didn’t install on my disk when I installed Nero. If someone could help me out here, please do.


To get the help files, you need to download and install an appropriate Nero Language pack from