Question about a dvd duplicator

so you burn a dvd , and you put it and it makes exact copies 1-3 1-5 etc

i wanted to know , does it have a function like this

dvd is in it , i send 4.5gig data for one dvd5 from my lan to the duplicator via lan or usb and it burns ? or something similar to it (this might sound stupid but hell yea it would be a good device)

how much would a 1-1 or 1-2 cost , and which one is the best

You’ve picked a touchy subject!(Legalities and forum rules)
What exactly are you duplicating?
Bought, rented, home movies from your camcorder?
Gotta fill us in.:slight_smile:

i`m backing up my anime collection they are not licensed , and they are free

what i wanted to know is what i asked above , any machine to which i can send data off usb or ethernet and it burns off like that lol ? something like that

so my frnds also needs some i have to make a duplicate copy for me (so i dont have to burn agan n again also making a backup for myself (2 diff media if 1 craps out)

so is there a duplicator which directly burns off pc usb/ethernet (sending data to them) or do they just copy

Google is your friend

Google works wonders, but here’s a little push in the right direction.
Or then search duplicators.
Good Luck!

You can extend most duplicators so that they receive USB. Then you can use them as an external burner from a PC. If your duplicator has a hard disk then you should be able to record directly to it. I think.

The duplicators on Tiger Direct hold an original disk and one or more (depending on the duplicator) blank disks to copy to. You’ll have to read the specs cause some have a hard drive and some don’t.