Question about 851SX

I have an 851SX drive, which I really love. I know this sounds crazy, but would it be possible to remove the housing and use the drive as an internal drive? Does it have standard IDE/power connectors in the back?

Yes, of course. The drive inside is 100% identical to the internal LDW-851S.

Ok, thanks for the info. I was just thinking of putting it in the computer case to free up a USB 2.0 port and some desk space.

Next question:

Anyone know where I can get instructions for removing the housing? I found four screws (2 on the back and 2 on the bottom underneath the rubber feet) but after taking them out, I couldn’t get the housing off. I don’t want to break it because I might want to use it again in the future.


You have to take the four screews out. (2 on back - 2 on bottom). The case is made up with a TOP and Bottom. Carefully insert a butter knife between the two halfs and not pry but twist the butter knife and the case should snap open. Work in one side of the case first. You will have apply this procedure to both the front & back to get it to pop open.