Question About 48/24/48A Drives

Hi, wondering if someone can clue me in on something about these drives. I purchased one back in December and immediately had problems with it.

My burning results were like this: Audio CDs would skip, video CDs were “garbled”, data CDs would be corrupt and MP3 CDs had those loud squelches. Even though Nero (latest version, default settings) said the operation completed successfully.

I have a second burner on the same PC, a Plextor 16/10/40 which does not have this problem. I thought the drive may be dead so I exchanged it for another one and got the same results. I used different brands of media, Memorex, TDK, Mitsui and Maxell, all with the same results.

I’ve since brought the second drive back and got a refund, so I can’t really do any more tests now. I’m just wondering if anyone else has seen this type of behaviour from a Plextor drive. I was wondering if it was my PC but it was a pretty fresh install of XP Pro (latest updates) or could it be something hardware related?

I have a PIII 1G on a Tyan S1854 (VIA 133) motherboard. I tried switching IDEs but it didn’t help. Any ideas anyone? I considering buying another one if it’s something that I’ve overlooked and can be fixed. If not, I’ll wait until I upgrade my PC or just wait for the PX-504A to come out (hoping the same thing doesn’t happen with that unit).

Anyway, any insight would be much appreciated.

Originally posted by sleemo
I tried switching IDEs but it didn’t help
I’m confused, were you using the PX-W4824TA (Atapi, internal) or the PX-W4824TU (SUB 2.0, external) which you mentioned in your topic title?

Sorry, it’s internal. I put a U instead of an A.

Ah ok, changed the topic title for you. Have you tried reading through our Plextor FAQ?

[i]I’m using the Plextor PX-W4824TA drive (48/24/48) and it’s doing some weird things: I can back-up audio albums however track 1 of any of the albums is jumpy when playing in stand alone stereo!

A tartanlad: changed over the Plextor from slave to master, and DVD-ROM from master to slave. I’m glad to report at the time of writing there hasn’t been any coasters and every backup 100% stable (source).[/i]