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If I have 2 Internal Hard Drives on my computer am I able to download and PLAY movies and songs on both Drives or does it only work on the “Master” Drive and not the “Slave”

An acquantaince of mine said that you can save files, movies, songs etc to the slave but the Operating System will not allow you to play or listen to them! The slave only allows you to store items.

I think he may have been joking. :slight_smile:

Can someone help me out please.



I’d say 100% that he was joking (or misinformed) :wink:

I had 2 HDDs installed awhile back, the slave drive was for storage. I kept all my MP3s and music videos on it, and could access any one of them with my favourite media player just fine. :slight_smile:


He must have been joking. It really doesn’t matter where you store them.


I do it all the time. As long as you have a healthy system, processor and ram wise. I don’t burn movies and listen to stuff at same time though but you can download and burn all you want. I do it with 4 hard drives.

3 posts at same time…4 counting geno :wink:


You can install safely two drives without problems. Usually the operative system is installed in the master drive, but you can store any data you like on the slave drive and there is no problem in reading data from the slave drive.

You can listen any song from the slave drive providing that you have a software to play these songs.

The only thing that could not allow you to listen a song or watch a movie is a missing codec. For example, if you don’t have a mp3 codec installed on your operative system, you can’t listen any mp3 file, both from the master or the slave drive.

I hope to have answered enough clearly :slight_smile:



My existing Hard Drive(Master) is 75gb. The new one is 320gb. I will be installing this as the Slave initially. If ever I want to make the 320gb the “Master” won’t I have to uninstall WindowsXP and reinstall it on the 320gb? How does one do that? Any links would be appreciated.



For the last Q about installing XP on your 320gig drive-you can use one of several programs. However, be warned that this operation generally wipes ALL of the data from the target drive (320 in this case). IF you have all of your files on the 75gig drive-you can “clone” the 320. Acronis True Image has this facility. There are other programs out there. I would go the cloning route before saving any files to the new drive. You can then keep the 75gig drive as a Slave.
I just went thru an upgrade and did a full clean install of XP. It does take a while, but you have a fully patched operating system with no junk. I then installed all of my program software and data files. Took about 5 hours in the end.
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your 2 cents worth is right


Lets just get this person through format 1st :wink: But that is good advise.


Unless the new drive is 7200RPM and the old one is 5400RPM, there’s really no point in transferring the OS.